• Our Foods

    We have great suppliers sourcing amazing food for your pets.

    Rockwood, ON

    Medium grind raw food

    This local supplier has carefully sourced proteins and well balanced diets. They take into consideration the proper balance of fats to proteins and ensure Omega 3s are addressed in the diets. High quality, with a varity of proteins to choose from, including the popular Lamb and Mackerel. Both vegetable and non-vegetable balanced diets are available. Currently available for dogs only.

    Erin, ON

    Fine grind raw food

    Bold Raw is a local supplier with a fine grind that appeals to many people. We carry their balanced Bold line that has no vegetables in the mix. Smaller patty size appeals to those who don't feed based on rounded pounds. We carry both the dog and cat lines. This is a very popular product with cats.

  • St. Thomas, ON

    Fine grind raw food

    This is a popular supplier that has nice size patty options for all sizes of pets. We carry the dog, cat and ferret food lines, that come in 1 oz patties and 8 oz patties. All their diets are balanced and contain vegetables. We also carry their organic Ultimate Diet line, which is popular with those looking for something that defrosts quickly.

    Kemptville, ON

    Fine grind raw food


    This supplier has some unique proteins for those looking for a well rounded diet for their pets, or animals with food intolerances. We carry their Venison and Kangaroo diets, along with traditional proteins. They have a vegetable blend and a botanial blend.

  • Tofield, AB

    Fine grind raw food

    Located in Alberta, this supplier carefully sources their proteins and we carry their more unique ones. For pets looking for a more rounded diet, or with food intolerances, the Buffalo and Llama are a great choice. This is also our supplier of choice for fresh green tripe cubes, with the best packaging we have seen so far. These diets are formulated for dogs.

  • New Zealand

    Air dried raw diet


    ZiwiPeak is well known as the diet for the picky eater, because it smells so great to pets! However, it's an awesome choice for all pets when you need a shelf stable product. This is a true raw food that has been air dried. Pets love this so much that many people use it as training treats. This is formulated for cat and dog diets.

    Colorado, USA

    Freeze dried ketogenic diet


    This company has embraced the truly amazing work being done at KetoPet and has developed a diet for pet owners to use that matches the philosophy of KetoPet. Because they are located in the USA we are unable to carry their raw frozen, but are happy to offer the freeze dried shelf stable version of the diet.