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    We have great suppliers sourcing amazing food for your pets.

    Iron Will Raw Dog Food

    St. Catherines, ON

    Fine grind raw food

      Iron Will is the first raw pet food manufacturer in Ontario and the third in Canada to achieve the internationally-recognized HACCP certification. The certification demonstrates the company’s dedication to operate at the highest standards in food safety, quality, traceability, and accountability. They source ingredients here in Canada and use local suppliers for their raw materials. The meat is sourced from Federally or Provincially inspected facilities, which are regularly inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. These facilities produce the fresh, human-grade food you find in top butcher shops, fine dining restaurants and grocery stores here in Ontario and across Canada. Both vegetable and non-vegetable diets are available. Available for cats and dogs.

    New Zealand

    Air dried raw

    ZiwiPeak is well known as the diet for the picky eater, because it smells so great to pets! However, it's an awesome choice for all pets when you need a shelf stable product. This is a true raw food that has been air dried. Pets love this so much that many people use it as training treats. This is formulated for cat and dog diets. We've been feeding this to our pets as both a food and high value reward training treats since 2004!

  • Newmarket, ON

    Fine grind raw food

    Congo has square 8 oz patties, that stack nicely in your freezer. They offer ground diets (no fruit or veg), and dinners that include a unique vegetable and fruit mix. They strive to provide criteria which they feel are paramount: quality, value and customer satisfaction. They have been producing food locally since 2009 and offer affordable 25# bulk boxes.

    Kemptville, ON

    Fine grind raw food


    Tollden Farms has been producing high quality raw food since 2002. Tollden Farms believes that quality comes first. Their dinners contain only the freshest human grade proteins, and the freshest vegetables. For the vegetable dinners, they use whole cuts and whole organs. They do not use any by-products or foods not deemed fit for human consumption.

    This supplier has some unique proteins for those looking for a well rounded diet for their pets, or animals with food intolerances. We carry their Venison and Kangaroo diets, along with traditional proteins. They have a vegetable blend and a botanical blend. Diets are suitable for both cats and dogs.

  • Tofield, AB

    Fine grind raw food

    Located in Alberta, this supplier carefully sources their proteins and we carry their more unique ones. For pets looking for a more rounded diet, or with food intolerances, the Buffalo and Llama are a great choice. This is also our supplier of choice for fresh green tripe cubes, with the best packaging we have seen so far. These diets are formulated for dogs.

    California, USA

    Fine grind raw food

    Primal has strong, long-term relationships with all of their vendors who humanely raise, sustainably grow and responsibly process all of the proteins, organic fruits and vegetables, and unrefined food-based vitamins and minerals in the products. Primal has HACCP certification, and uses a third party laboratory to test every lot of finished product in order to confirm that it is negative for select pathogenic bacteria food. They manufacture in small batch runs to ensure freshness, safety and consistency. These diets are formulated for dogs and cats. This is our most popular freeze dried diet for cats and dogs. We also carry the frozen Primal Pronto - a fast defrost option.

  • Almo Nature

    Canned foods

    Using only natural ingredients, Almo Nature offers its customers unique HQS products. HQS line guarantees the best quality and healthiest composition available today. Almo Nature HQS is absolutely unique: meat or fish ingredients originally fit for human consumption and now used in our food for cats and dogs. Almo also sends their profits back into the care of animals through extremely generous local donations (they've donated nearly $8000 worth of food to our local ADHS).