• Shop local

    Businesses who support each other.

    M.B Bookkeeping

    Great staff, friendly service.

    Fresh Radio 93.1

    Awesome local radio station.

    We love listening to Fresh Radio from Barrie and greatly appreciate their support of our store. We were honoured to win the Fresh Business of the week in September of 2018.

    Local Alliston radio station

    92.1 My FM

    Awesome local radio station.

    We have been supporting our local Alliston radio station since our inception. They provide local news and a mix of easy to listen to music.

    People need to eat fresh foods too!

    92.1 My FM

    From people who care about the Earth and you.

    Fresh, real foods, grown with care that will help your health is as important as the fresh food diets you feed your pets. We are proud to call Earth Valley Organics our friends, and are inspired by how they care for their food and customers.

  • Shop local

    Businesses who support each other.

    Matthews House Hospice

    Wonderful volunteers in our community.

    Alliston and District Humane Society

    Our local no-kill shelter finds homes for many pets each year.

    Carriage House Bakery


    Baked goods that you will find addictive! So yummy.

    Concession Road Mercantile

    A modern general store, where peace abounds.

  • Organic Lifestyles


    Organic beauty care products for people (and occasionally pets).

    the Modern Market

    A modern market specializing in organic treats, foods and produce.